Nature is full of infinite imagery! Especially India! India is visually chaotic but still beautiful and Plein Air is a tool to push me to break new ground. Going outdoor makes me experience, learn, capture and express the beauty around me through my paintings. To me, Plein Air is a meditative process, that helps me become one with nature, have fun and forget the material world around me.  

All these are rapid paintings done on location to capture the essence/spirit of the scene, rather than its details. As an animator, sometimes I simplify forms and colours or exaggerate a bit to make the painting expressive. I believe this is a great process to develop my work and focus on the important aspects in a composition. All the learning from this process is reflected in my work.

I put my heart & soul into my work and love losing my mind in the process.
For me, art is beyond language - It can take us beyond all boundaries. Sketches/paintings can tell stories, evoke emotions and transport us to our past, present, future and often to a unique world.


A Spiritual Journey

To me art is spirituality, it is a meditative process where I dive deep and allow the subconscious self to take over. It is in this space that I find the real “me’, the one who is detached from the transactions of the material world and is much like a child... Wandering, exploring and content just doing that.

The other aspect of art and meditation is that you surface after a length of silence like a pearl diver and offer your thoughts and ideas to the world for them to enjoy it too. It is this repetitive process which is my only engagement with the material world around me. To leave behind something, to give not to take.

Yet I live in a world where like everyone else bound by family and other ties I must strive as a father, as a husband and as a son, duty bound. It is here that I have dared to dream in my own meditation just how far I could go if I stepped myself into this spirituality and that's how the  “Sage” came into existence.

Through him, I could allow myself to wander far and wide to where my thoughts lead me in the larger inner space of the mind. I am driving at peace with this one single pursuit as I develop the enchanting magical mythical world of mystics and lore, the darkness and destruction that surrounds the Sage and his victories like shafts of light breaking the black void of hopelessness and misery and his return to his natural childlike state of calm and wonder.




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