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I closely collaborated with the MPC[London] creative team to develop the toy-like look for the mascots, also did colour keys and art directed the entire look & feel of these 3 teasers.

The bad egg_Title.png

Short Film - Director - Anirights Infomedia Pvt.Ltd

It was a great learning experience creating this crazy film! I had a vital role to play in terms of coming up with a storyline, design, storyboard, layouts, painted back grounds, animated the 3D part and directed entire Art & Animation.



DIGICON 6+2 - Outstanding Film Award - 2006, Tokyo, Japan.
WORLD GOLD MEDAL - 2007, New York Festival, New York, USA.


My Fav Scenes


I Closely worked with the critically acclaimed director Shekhar Kapur and developed this web series. I was in-charge of pre-prod, storyboard and supervision


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