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Currently working with Technicolor as an Art Director. Performing on a wide range of games with big clients.


Worked on the most popular Facebook game FARMVILLE 2.

First Key Artist in game transition to India studio.

Gained extensive training [4 months] on FV2 character + environment concept art styling from ZYNGA-San Francisco.

Awarded “CEO OF THE WEEK - 2015” while I was there.
Successfully transferred knowledge between US and India.

Responsibilities included characters, environments, 2D art assets, storyboard, visual development, concept art, loading screen.

In addition, worked closely with Game Designers on creating 2d prototypes.


All work is © copyright Zynga. All rights reserved. For portfolio use only. Work may not be used or distributed in any manner.

FV2 anchor

I had the opportunity to work on this project for a couple of weeks. Designed the logo of SpeedGuess Something and also a few characters for marketing purposes.



Designed secondary characters, environments, loading screens, maps, also supervised art overall and supplied feedback with an outsourcing vendor.


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