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Exploring Chennai's Coastal Charms: A Morning Adventure!

Updated: Mar 31

Whenever I find myself in Chennai, there's one ritual I never miss—the early morning drive along ECR beach to Mahabalipuram, catching the breathtaking sunrise. Accompanied by my nephew, who resides in the area, we embark on a fun car drive indulging in the best local delicacies and exploring the vibrant surroundings.

During one such drive, I stumbled upon a broken, abandoned boat, which inspired me to paint. With swift strokes, I adorned it with colours, leaving my mark amidst the tranquil coastal scenery.

Embracing the serenity of the moment, I also relished the simple joy of feeling the cool ocean waters lapping at my feet—a perfect blend of art and nature's beauty.

📷 : Sriram Dx

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