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The constantly changing light provides so many possibilities!

Updated: Apr 3

My connection to Pollachi runs deep - it's where I met my wife, surrounded by breathtaking mountains, dams, coconut trees, and lush paddy fields. Every visit to Pollachi is an opportunity to immerse myself in its beauty, capturing it through my camera lens or with quick paintings.

On a recent trip, my wife suggested we visit the renowned Palani Temple to worship Lord Muruga. Equipped with my minimal plein air kit, we embarked on the hour-long journey from Pollachi to Palani. Though my focus was on the road, my mind wandered, mesmerised by the scenic landscapes begging to be painted.

After reaching the temple, my wife urged me to join her in worship. However, I couldn't resist the allure of capturing the early morning beauty of the paddy fields in a painting. Explaining that this, too, was a form of worship for me, I dropped her off amongst the bustling crowds and set out to find the perfect spot.

After navigating narrow streets and seeking guidance from locals, I stumbled upon an open paddy field that spoke to me. As I painted, the ever-changing light danced across the landscape, offering endless possibilities. It was a meditative hour, etched in my memory by the scent of the wet fields and the symphony of nature surrounding me.

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